About me

About me

I’m an Australian-based freelance writer covering pretty much anything related to people and science. I morphed from researcher to science writer in 2017, after publishing around 60 academic peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. Now, in 2024, I am pursuing an unrealised dream to write a novel.

Since becoming a freelancer I have written more than 600 stories for public outlets, including regular contributions to The Guardian, Cosmos Magazine, Forbes Science, Nature Index, and Health Agenda Magazine. Other outlets include Ensia, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Washington Post, The New York Times (Australia Diary), The New Daily, Australia’s Science Channel, UniSA Enterprise Magazine, The Conversation, The QUO and Massive Science.

After becoming a freelance writer, I won the Australasian Medical Writers Association’s 2019 Early Career Award and the Crawford Fund’s Food Security Journalism Award. In 2019 one of my stories was selected for the Best Australian Science Writing 2019 anthology.

My convoluted career path has equipped me for writing about a broad and often unexpectedly interrelated range of topics, enriched by a two-year Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Science Writing with Johns Hopkins University, completed in May 2019, which kindled my appetite for narrative writing.

After gaining an Honours Psychology degree in 2002, I embarked on a PhD, followed by more than 10 years’ research covering emotional intelligence, links between mental health and nutrition, health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, and how parents shape children’s diets.

During my research career I won a Fresh Science People’s Choice Award in 2005, an Australian Research Council Fellowship from 2007-10, a South Australian (SA) Science Excellence Award in 2011, an SA Health Award in 2013 and a six-week fellowship with Spain’s University of Navarra in 2016.

In 2017 I completed an intensive Science in the Media program through the Australian National University. Courses with Johns Hopkins included Techniques of Science-Medical Writing, Science-Medical Writing Workshop, The Literature of Science, Science Narratives Workshop and Science Profiles Workshop – Writing about People – all with Grade A.

My writing interests include health, food and nutrition, parenting, child and adult development, animal welfare, sustainability, biodiversity, and generally all things related to us fascinating and complex human beings and the wondrous planet we are blessed to inhabit. 

I provide quick turnarounds on embargoed stories and love to dive deeper in longer form features. Please send writing requests and offers to natalie.parletta@gmail.com.

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