Money doesn’t bring happiness, yet we keep spending

Money doesn’t bring happiness, yet we keep spending

Natalie Parletta explores what does make us happy — it’s not a never-ending supply of chocolate.

I remember finding fifty dollars on the sidewalk in my primary school days. Fifty dollars! It was like winning a lottery. I was on my way to school sports day, so of course I bought as many different lollies, chocolates, chips and other goodies as I could gorge myself and win friends with.

I felt like Charlie Bucket, poor boy who found a winning chocolate wrapper in the snow revealing he had won a fortune: unlimited, lifetime supply of chocolate and a tour of Willi Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Money, we all want it. It promises the world; luxury, glitter and sparkle, fulfilling our dreams and transporting us to that elusive place of blissful abundance, of never-ending chocolate. Worlds traversed by the rich and famous, where life is one big enviable party, one big yacht cruise enjoyed through hazy gin and tonic-coloured glasses.

Does it endow happiness like the glossy magazines promise? READ MORE

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