Unsung heroes

Unsung heroes

It was 5.30pm on a weeknight, cold and getting dark. Normally I would be preparing dinner while sipping a glass of wine, waiting for my husband to come home before settling down in a warm, cosy armchair for the evening. But I had committed to going out. The Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) was running a national “Count Me In” campaign in its largest drive yet to pressure governments to prioritise climate change in the upcoming federal election.

I found the venue, unsure what to expect. People were already milling around in the town hall meeting room when I arrived, enjoying hot drinks and tasty-looking morsels of food. By the time the event kicked off, staff were wheeling in more chairs. It was a good turnout for Adelaide — around ninety people. But it struck me that the average age was at least sixty. I could only detect two under-30s in the audience. The staff were a different matter — apart from the slightly more seasoned director of campaigns, Dr Paul Sinclair, they were enthusiastic, fresh-looking young folks.


Published on Medium; condensed version on The QUO.

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